Featured Event: GitHub Actions Hackathon

Nope, I just got it a few hours ago and I submitted around the 2nd


I’m not sure of this point in rules section: “_The second repository also cannot approve the submission of more than one Hackathon-submitted Action.”

Can somebody tell about it ?_

Ooh ok… thanks for the response

I don’t know if approval means to use

It means your Action needs to be used in two projects to qualify for a prize. If you created an Action for the Hackathon, consider using it in one of your projects. 

Also, consider sharing your Action with someone else to use to complete the steps to qualify as unique and eligible for a prize.

Please consult this community forum or documentation if you need assistance in how to use the Action.

Happy Hacking

Your Action needs to be used in two projects. One can be owned by you, but the second project that uses your Action will need to be used by another developer. 

Hi, I think I may have narrowed to the our API usage not know the user that originated repo.

Can you how you started the project? It appears there are two different users committing, but both have your name. Once we can narrow that down, we work towards a fix.

That’s both me. I’ve created the repo through the GitHub dashboard. Committed through my terminal and when I was testing the workflow or when editing the Readme I was doing it through the web GUI on GitHub.

Interesting, thanks for the clarification. Can you try now? We just merge a potential fix.

I can now try on my end as well now that I have more context. 

Just tried and I get an error that I’m not the author of the action.yml.

Should I recreate the action?

Just an update, I’ve added my secondary email to github and I’ve managed to submit. 

The following command was outputting one of my secondary emails instead of the one linked to my Github account. 

git config --global user.email

Thanks for the help


Can we make one or more submission for action hackathon.

Okay so I told some other devs about it and they’ve used it, and I have it in some of my own repos, what exactly happens now? Will I get an email eventually? Is it automated or is there something I need to do. Just an update on what needs to happen pretty much. I am so hyped about this prize lol, I love GitHub and would be very happy to have some cool swag :slight_smile:

Hello, when I submit an action,  it says

" Submission is not a usable GitHub Action. "

It would be better if it also tells the reason for the same.

Please which mail can I use to find out the winners of the hackathon?

I read the rules, and after reviewing everything it appears my submission very much qualifies for a prize, and it did before the end date. A few days before, but I was never sent any more communications. Is it just over, does nothing happen? Did I get ignored because my submission wasn’t used until a few days before the end? What can I do? I was really excited about getting some swag :frowning:

> The first one thousand submissions get free GitHub swag

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Hey, kind of forgot about this for a few months, but I hope this reply isn’t too late!

I participated in the Hackathon, I was on the winners spreadsheet, and I received an email with a Google Form asking for my address to ship prizes. I filled it out, but I never received any swag, or got a follow-up email. If there someone I can contact about this?


Thanks for the ping @ivanfon, please contact us via our contact form at https://github.com/contact with your info and I’ll make sure it gets routed to the right folks.

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