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. Have you checked for errors in syntax?

I saw this in your action file: WEATHER_API_TOKEN: ${secrets.WEATHER_API_TOKEN} try and change it to WEATHER_API_TOKEN: ${{secrets.WEATHER_API_TOKEN}} 

added an extra bracket


Thanks for the response,

I have submitted that updated yml file yesterday but again it states that

action.yml is missing required items and gets rejected.

Will surely keep your comments in guideline while submitting next time.

Did you add the author field?


I just updated the yml file and added workflow but there was a error in the py test and can’t find the solution for that.

Please have a look and guide me on that ASAP,

Link to my repo-https://github.com/Potential17/Twitter-retweet-bot

I am no longer seeing an action.yml in the repo.

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Thanks for the response,

Pls check again in workflow,

There is a error in pytest and I can’t get the solution of it.

I do not know for sure, but I assume our automated submission checking is following over because the original author of the code is not a searchable GitHub user. 

It looks like “WP Freelancer” is not searchable on GitHub. Can you confirm if this is a deleted account or a bot?

It seems you may have hit an edge case we did not account for, and I will need more info before suggesting the fix. 


The rules outline you need to be the primary author and in the majority of th commits as well. Your repo seems to qualify, but I am providing the context to explain our check that is failing on those commits. 

Thanks for the response,

Pls check in workflow,

There is a error in pytest and I can’t get the solution of it.

The error being emitted is an “exit code 5” error which means that no test was collected. Try and check out the code again or remove the test entirely since the goal is to retweet. 

Hello, I am also having problems submitting an entry.

I am getting the following: 

I’ve seen similar queries here but not sure why mine fails. 


  • Be public and open sourced. :white_check_mark:
  • Have been created between 12:01 am PT on Thursday, March 5 and 11:59 pm PT on Tuesday, March 31. ✅
  • Have a shareable license. ✅
  • Have an action.yml file. ✅
  • Be owned by you. ✅
  • Have a commit history that lists you as the primary author. ✅

I’ve also added branding and author metadata. 

Does anyone know what am I missing?

Hi, I just got an email with the following text:

Congratulations on submitting to the GitHub Hackathon. We are reaching out to let you know, per the rules you are only 1 or 2 users away from qualifying for a prize.

Make sure you have enabled your Action in your repos and told others about your new tool for automation. Be sure to use the #githubhackathon hashtag on Twitter so others can try it out too!

Happy Hacking

What exactly does this mean? Does it mean I don’t qualify, I will qualify, or I have to do something to qualify?

I’m fairly certain I was within the first 1,000…

Did you receive this mail immediately after submission?

Nope, I just got it a few hours ago and I submitted around the 2nd


I’m not sure of this point in rules section: “_The second repository also cannot approve the submission of more than one Hackathon-submitted Action.”

Can somebody tell about it ?_

Ooh ok… thanks for the response

I don’t know if approval means to use

It means your Action needs to be used in two projects to qualify for a prize. If you created an Action for the Hackathon, consider using it in one of your projects. 

Also, consider sharing your Action with someone else to use to complete the steps to qualify as unique and eligible for a prize.

Please consult this community forum or documentation if you need assistance in how to use the Action.

Happy Hacking

Your Action needs to be used in two projects. One can be owned by you, but the second project that uses your Action will need to be used by another developer. 

Hi, I think I may have narrowed to the our API usage not know the user that originated repo.

Can you how you started the project? It appears there are two different users committing, but both have your name. Once we can narrow that down, we work towards a fix.