[Feature Suggestion] E-mail address for web-based Git operations can be set

When the option Keep my email addresses private is selected. I hope there is an option to set the email address instead of using an address like 12132123+username@users.noreply.github.com.

Thank you.

The users.noreply.github.com “address” is used to associate your commits with your user account without revealing your actual mail address.

You can choose to use a real mail address you own instead, but then it won’t be private any more (because it will be part of the Git history). So it’s either using a real mail address or keeping it private. It’s impossible to do both at the same time.

@airtower-luna Thank for your kind reply, I knew that. My requirement is that I want the primary email address to be used for account-related notifications as well as password resets only, and another email address can be used for web-based Git operations.

In other words, I can reveal my email address, but not the primary one. In the current GitHub system, the email address associated with web-based Git operations operations is primary email address. If it can be set, that will be nice.

Add an option for web-base Git operations like following.

Now I get what you mean, and I agree that’d be useful! :slightly_smiling_face:

As far as I’m aware that’s partially available: When you make a commit or merge with a merge commit there’s a drop-down list you can choose from. For rebase-merge there doesn’t seem to be an option to select the committer address, which is odd. :thinking:

Yes, I found that too. It was also because of this odd situation that I submitted this suggestion.

What’s even odd is that when you create a new repo and initialize it with Add a README file, there’s not a drop-down list.

This situation also exists when setting up an issue template, set up issue templates is kind of making a commit, but there’s no drop-down list either.

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I came here looking for information on how to do exactly this. I would like for my Github account email and my web-based committers address to be different addresses.

I second this.

I created a repo for this


Welcome to submit your feature suggestions.