[Feature suggestion] Can choose a custom .gitignore file when creating a new repo

I would like to be able to select a custom .gitignore when creating a new repo.


That’s not possible, but you can always create a custom repository template, which would then be available to you whenever you create a new repository:


This relatively new feature is really cool and handsome. I’ve been creating language-specific templates, so that whenever I start a new project in a language which I use often, all the basic scaffolding is in place (repository Git and EditorConfig settings, MIT LICENSE file, a README.md with common reference links for that language, etc.).

Probably that’s your current best option, and since repository templates are available, probably the feature you’re asking for won’t be introduced — picking a custom .gitignore file would entail a templating system of sorts, which is already provided for by GH repository templates, but not limited to any specific files.

Creating a template repo is really cool.