Feature Request: When view a folder of a repository, option to "Show Deleted Files".

(Web interface to GitHub) When browsing a folder of a repo, If a file still exists, it is listed, along with the date and description of the commit that last modified it. Very useful.

But if a file was deleted, … it is simply not there. No information about what happened. No easy way to notice that one or more files were deleted, or when.

The GUI seems to lack any way to inquire about deleted files. Except of course browsing through commits, but that can be needle-in-a-haystack search. I’m looking at the repository hierarchically, and seeking to find info about deleted files, in certain places.

Especially valuable for resource files (which in my experience get deleted more often than source files do).

If there were a “Show Deleted Files” option, I’d like to turn that on/off *for all folders*, so that I don’t have to do it as I browse the folders.

 (NOTE: I’m specifically interested in GUI solutions; I know how to Google for a “git” command that will do the equivalent. That’s not as convenient. Heck, even a GUI option to open a git command window with a (partial) git command and the current repo and sub-folder path filled in would be a small step forward.)

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