Feature request: UI Improvements - Focus on the log

I hope this is the right place?

When working on software I’m typically focused on looking at the CI build results. Using GH actions, that means:

  • navigate to the actions tab (i.e. from PR)
  • select the workflow (which shows be artefacts and annotations- both unused)
  • select the job
  • klick on the relevant part of the job log
    The last part happens in the tiny bottom-right part of the UI (although I can expand it- another click).

What I’d like propose is to provide a developer’s experience similar to TravisCI which means focusing on the actual build log and per default show that log as much full screen as possible. Allow the full screen to scoll instead of just the bottom right log area (similar to the homepage).

Do these observations/suggestions make sense to the community?



…one more thing. While a build step runs, the logs are not visible:

It would be great to the the logs while they happen.


I’m not sure if this helps you but I have created a log parser for github actions log for Windows.

You can try it by downloading the latest version Analogy Log Viewer V4.3.2 and also download the parser dll from the same release (or download it direclty from the application from the Update data provider window).