Feature request: sync a fork (upstream to origin) directly from GitHub web site

That’s a very neat feature: Create a pull request from my fork to upstream directly from GitHub web site.

But reverse - sync a fork (upstream to origin) requires my to go to command line and do “git magic” there.

What about if there is a button to do pull from upstream to origin directly on web site?

I’d like to teach a girl how to do translations (localizations) for the open source project, but I see that she will require some help from me.

This could be made simpler: she herself creates a fork, does translations directly on GitHub web, commits there, makes a pull request and… here the magic ends: she can’t easily pull from upstream to master even if both resides in the same place.

I mean with such feature she wouldn’t need to have anything on her hard drive to be actively involved in project development.

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This is a popular feature request. I’ve added yours to the issue!

In the meantime, I had a search and it does look as though someone has created an Action to fill this gap.

Please note - this is not a GitHub product and we can’t provide direct support for it. I did try it out and it does work the way they describe - keeping the fork up to date with the upstream repository.

There are limitations to this - I’d strongly recommend having a careful read through the readme.

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I haven’t forgotten about you - we just shipped this feature: