Feature Request: Switch from ready to draft in pull requests

+1 - I would also find this feature useful!

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In addition to the use cases already raised here, which affect me as much as everyone else. This feature is also important because Draft PR’s don’t have the “This branch is out-of-date with the base branch” comment and the “Update branch” button, so the easiest way to bring a long-lived Draft PR back up to date with master, is to mark it as “Ready for review” to get that button back. But since “Ready to review” is irreversible, if your PR isn’t actually ready, you either need to add “[WIP]”, or you need to update your branch the old-school way of pulling the branch down, merging with master locally, and then re-pushing it.

If “Ready to review” was reversible, we could mark a PR as ready to review, click “Update Branch”, and then switch it back to a Draft PR, hopefully before anyone has the chance to merge it in the meantime.

(Of course, the better solution would be to have the “Update branch” button on Draft PRs as well)


Hi Andrea

can you meet us midway? move the draft button out from Dropdown menu have next to Create Pull Request

I honestly believe that a pretty high percentage of failure to create the draft PR. Is because users forget the feature exists beyond the dropdown menu.

Quick browser mocking.

I’ll look into contributing it to Refined GitHub if nothing else



Without this feature, Draft PRs is just an incomplete feature, several reasons mentioned above.  Pretty sure I made a private request almost as soon as I started using (then stopped using) draft PRs.

If I cant switch status back the draft - I actually don’t even want to know that draft PRs existz.


Please add this!


Agree, big +1 on this


I agree, they have to add this feature

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+1 here too! Would be a very nice addition.


+1 here as well. Would be a solid addition.

This would be really useful during the code review process. Sometime things that were considered ready just aren’t and currently take up space for ready PRs


Bump, found this thread on Google! Have a PR that needs some work, would be nice to be able to mark it as “draft”.

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  • 1 I am waiting for that feature too!
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Came here after mistakenly clicking the “Mark as ready to review” button and frantically searching for a better solution aside from just closing and opening a new draft PR. Really hoping that this can be implemented at some point!


I would really like to do this too. a few reasons
 - A PR is posted, but during the review some rework is needed. Currently this doesn’t prevent merge. Moving back to draft would be one way to achieve this (another is more fleixble definition of approving reviews & enhancing of the overall lifecycle management)
 - When a bot such as dependabot creates a PR proposal, but we want to put on hold for a few weeks - moving to draft would prevent an accidental merge
 - Accidental creation of a PR in non-draft status - saves creating a new one!



This would be much more convenient!


My team also had this problem as we had many WIP tags we wanted to convert to Draft PRs

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Yep, just needed this exact feature and realized it doesn’t exist…


@andreagriffiths11 wrote:

Hey @eps1lon,


Thanks for taking the time to provide this feedback! I’ve taken your suggestion and passed it along to the appropriate teams. Thanks again for reaching out 

Hi @andreagriffiths11 . I just ran into this problem and found this very long thread of people with the same problem as me. The number one frustration I have with this feature is the ease of forgetting to open a draft PR, followed by the inability to “undo” and make it a draft PR. Now I have 20-odd CODEOWNERS on a PR that should be a draft, and I can’t fix that problem.

As one commentor pointed out, the UI for creating a draft PR could be greatly improved by moving it to its own button. The tiny drop down arrow is just very easy to overlook.

Can you check and provide any movement on this issue? I love the idea of Draft PRs, but they’re hamstrung by this limitation.



Same here, this would make our lives so much easier.

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Have there been any movement on this @AndreaGriffiths11?

This is a feature that would greatly improve the workflow for me and my team!