Feature Request: support quick toggle settings / trigger actions

Quite glad to have the same command palette experience in my desktop, IDE, and now Github webpage! :grin:
However, the current one is more like a simple index/navigation tool.
Do you have a schedule to provide shortcuts for toggling/triggering, such as switching themes and triggering workflows?

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2021-10-27T21:00:00Z[date=2021-10-28 timezone="Europe/Istanbul"]

Hi @unbyte thanks for sharing your feedback with us!

Right now in addition to the improved navigation features, we offer an initial few dozen first party commands including 5 commands for switching themes. You can see the full list of commands in our command palette documentation.

We will continuously be adding new commands, are there any commands specifically that you’d like to see us build? We are also exploring opening up our commands framework to customers to enable you to write custom commands.

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