Feature Request: Support Mermaid (markdown) graph diagrams in .md files

+1 , maybe we should start a petition :slight_smile:


Mermaid works with Azure DevOps Wiki, please integrate it with GitHub as well

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+1, we need this!

Paying customers want this and consider paying GitLab instead!

It’s not even a day’s work :man_facepalming:

graph TD;
gh(github) -- should add support for --> m("mermaid<br>[sane MD diagram tool]")
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You know what’s funny? Azure devops supports it - I never thought I’d find a feature there that isn’t available in github

+1 for Mermaid support in GitHub

+1 for mermaid support. Seems like a no brainer to me.

+1 for Mermaid support in GitHub

+1 for mermaid support!

+1 please add mermaid support

and another +1 for this feature request

+1 mermaid is super useful for documentation and having to prerender all markdown instead of using directly github is a bummer

I agree :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:

This would be super useful.
Adding native rendering for mermaid.mmd files would also be equally awesome.
:+1:t5: :+1:t5: :+1:t5: :+1:t5: