Feature Request: Support Mermaid (markdown) graph diagrams in .md files

+1, I want Mermaid in Github, Please

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+1 for mermaid. It’s very useful!

+1 for mermaid. Looking forward to using it in gists.

are they even reading this? no reaction from GH

I have used gitlab recently and it does support mermaid. Pretty much every MD page I created had a mermaid Gantt chart, a class model, a sequence diagram.
It is such an important feature, I would even consider migrating all my content from github to gitlab!

We can even spin this request bigger. What is there is a MD syntax to create a Gantt chart out of time tracking in issues & milestones - assuming that makes it into github natively?

How about creating class diagrams out of the source code?

Please, enable the use of Mermaid in GitHub’s Markdown document viewer: this would greatly simplify technical documentation and improve maintainability.

I would love to get this feature as well it is already available in Azure DevOps wiki and GitLab.

+1, I’m moving from GitLab to GitHub and I was using mermaid quite a bit. Not sure what I’m going to do.

+1 here too! Love to see this feature implemented

+1 please github…geez

+1 for mermaid support. Come on already, Github

+1 for mermaid support.

The common direction is to keep everything as a code. How can I keep documentation as a code if the documentation does not support diagrams?

+1 for Mermaid support in Markdown

+1 for Mermaid or blockdiag in Markdown!!! This thread is nearly 2 years old!!!

+1 - Our team really needs this feature

+1 Mermaid support would be really helpful

This feature not only benefit the developers, but also will save github a lot of disk spaces for saving the graph in markdown.

It’s an obvious win-win.

+1 for mermaid support

+1 for mermaid support.

Can anyone from Github/Microsoft at least reply to this thread with a status update?

+1 Mermaid is immensely useful and would like to be able to see it integrated in Github