Feature Request: Support Mermaid (markdown) graph diagrams in .md files

This feature would provide a ton of value, please implement it if it’s all feasible :pray:


I hope one of these days someone at GitHub takes this feature request to heart. GitLab has had this for a long while now (see docs). This feature allows us to really improve documentation, and makes diagrams version controllable.

It would just be nice to have an update in this or one of the related threads so we don’t feel like the request was just acknowledged and forgotten.


+1 to what the rest of the community is saying. This feature has been requested and re-requested many times, and is a huge QoL improvement.


Big +1 for this one.

Coming from a GitLab background, this is the number 1 feature I miss !


+11 for this feature

This is am important feature!

Graph LR

ClassDef red fill:#e33,color:#3ee,stroke:#3ee,stroke-width:2px;
ClassDef grn fill:#3e3,color:#e3e,stroke:#e3e,stroke-width:2px;
ClassDef blu fill:#33e,color:#ee3,stroke:#ee3,stroke-width:2px;

style box fill:#3e3,color:#e3e,stroke:#e3e,stroke-width:2px;

Subgraph box[My Box]
A:::red --> B:::grn --> C:::blu

linkstyle 0 fill:#e33,color:#3ee,stroke:#3ee,stroke-width:2px;
linkstyle 1 fill:#3e3,color:#e3e,stroke:#e3e,stroke-width:2px;

+1 for the feature - Thought it was already implemented but sadly not!

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+1! Please!
This is a fundamental feature to make documentation work like a breeze! You can’t leave without charts when writing README and technical details :slight_smile:


+1, and also would like to see it in GtHub Enterprise

I am creating some new repositories for open source scripts. I need diagrams to document some of the examples and checked on the status of Mermaid on Github.

I see no response, no advance in the last five years, so I assume it won’t be done.

I will create my repositories on Gitlab then.

+1 for Mermaid support

+1 and +1 for Github Enterprise

Please please please. +1

I just assumed that mermaid was supported … Oops… needed to add a “download this plugin to see the pretty charts” on my profile page.
GitHub team er hello!

Has there been any movement on this from GitHub? There are a lot of comments, but I haven’t seen an update addressing whether this will be considered or not?

I personally would still love to see this supported. If not mermaid, at least some form of markdown renderer.

Mermaid is an essential part of the docs as code philosophy. It would be great if GitHub could support this.

I want mermaid in Github! Please!

Heavily interested on this feature too. As a remote team leader it would help our company to be able to easily document changes in arquitecture or explaining PRs. We rely on hand-written screenshots right now, and it would be so useful to be able to just update the text and get a new

+1 All i can believe is that this thread must not be getting to the right people as to not even answer why such a useful tool as Mermaid has taken 6 years without any serious acknowledgement is just disappointing from MSFT. come on do the right thing.