Feature Request: Support Mermaid (markdown) graph diagrams in .md files

High impact feature here. Mermaid support would be very useful to build in public.

OMG GitHub really so slow, if things go on like this, then soon we will see the closing of the GH.

+1 Please Add mermaid support.
GitLab has already support for Mermaid in Markdown…

+1, Mermaid support would be amazing and it would save me from having to commit pre-rendered images into my repo, where ideally binary files, such as images, don’t belong.

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+1 for mermaid. We need some tool for design pic.

Gitlab already has this supported. Please do the same.

We need this feature!! +1

+1, this would be really good to have.

+! for Mermaid, especially as you partner product Azure DevOps supports it.

+1 for Mermaid… Diagrams save a thousand words!!

+1 for Mermaid. This would make my life so much easier.

+1 Mermaid. It would help so much with documentation.

+1 mermaid is super useful for documentation and having to prerender all markdown instead of using directly github is a bummer

+1 We need this or plantuml. Either would be fine.

+1 please add this as soon as possible. i believe a lot of teams become more professional and want to use diagrams for processes and architectual things, sequence diagrams and more. Gitlab already support this, i think it`s time that Github increase the priority for this topic. Thank you!

+1 – I would also like to add my voice to this feature request and ask that Mermaid.md support be added to Github.

Yes please. Competing products like Gitlab already has this. Kindly prioritise. Don’t think its a lot of work either.

Needed from me as well as we migrated to github enterprise from gitlab. Definitely a missing feature!

Oh come on! Gitlab has this for quite a while

+1 It shouldn’t be too hard to add this, right? It would be highly appreciated if you would add this.