Feature Request: Support Mermaid (markdown) graph diagrams in .md files

+1 It shouldn’t be too hard to add this, right? It would be highly appreciated if you would add this.

I just joined to put my +1 here.
It was quite disappointing to first draw some diagrams and then to figure out github still doesn’t support them.

put my +1 here.
Mermaid is realy interstant do make an wiki more usualy and inclusive.

I hate to be one of the “+1”'s, but as a fact: this thread has the 3rd most reply all-time.
I think it should mean something…

+1 from me as well. That feature would be great.

I am also looking for something native. My company uses GitHub and we would love to put some diagrams straight in .md files without asking everyone to install a browser extension.

Me pudieras ayudar a hacer un lokphish… porfavor

+1 for this… would like to put Mermaid in either Markdown or RST files with some sort of quoting mechanism, ideally compatible with gitlab.

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+1 for that feature and +1 for all the query with no answer from Github…

+1 for this feature.

+1 for mermaid support

+1 this is must have feature.

Why not have dynamic charts in the repo’s readme?!
Any plan to add this feature?!
GitLab already does, but we want it for GitHub.

+1 for this feature.


This is one of those things that’s becoming so critical to workflows these days.

We REALLY need Mermaid rendering in GitHub and GHE. PLEASE

+1 from me
I could really use this for teaching.

+1 please. mermaid is gaining a lot of traction and this would be incredibly useful

+1 for mermaid. No big deal to do and lots of value.

+1 KaTeK and Mermaid support is trivial to implement, takes no toll on the server and is highly request, at this point I hope the github team is at least working on it (And I hope they do care).
In my use case, I publish lectures notes in my git repo so I make heavy use of mermaid and inline and display math.