Feature Request: Suggest Comment Edits

This is my first topic so thanks for reading. I would like to request a feature that enables users to suggest edits to comments in Issues, Pull Requests, and Discussions. After a user suggests an edit, the author of the comment would be given a chance to accept, reject, or modify the edit.

Suggested edits could look a bit like the suggest code change feature in Pull Requests, where the author could see the diff of what’s been changed. If multiple suggestions are made before the author addresses them, they could be merged or shown side-by-side. There could even be settings that control who has permissions to suggest edits, i.e. only those who have commenting permissions.

I think this feature would be useful for updating outdated information, correcting typos, improving formatting, etc. without having to add a new comment to the thread and notify everyone subscribed. Suggested edits would only notify the author of the comment, and reduce the amount of clutter in a thread.

This isn’t a novel idea. A similar concept appears on StackOverflow where users with enough reputation may edit a question/answer, and then it must be approved by a more trusted user.

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That’s a good idea to avoid extra posts to simply clarify something. Although this should have clear restrictions and it should be clear which was added or updated.