Feature Request: Subscribe to notifications for specific Labels (Github Issues)

I know a user can subscribe to notifications for specific issues and pull requests, but I’d love to allow my project visitors to subscribe to specific Labels.

The specific use case this is targeting is open source projects whose audience is a mix of technical and non-technical issues.

For example, I use Github and Github Pages to publish a large, open government dataset in human-digestible form. The audience is a mix of non-technical folks (e.g. nonprofit professionals looking to make sense of the data) and technical folks (e.g. developers looking to leverage the project’s technology to publish other open datasets).

It would be great if non-technical visitors could subscribe to the Label most relevant to them (e.g. ‘Community Discussions’) while ignoriing all other Issues. 

The alternative is to use yet-another-third-party service (e.g. Canny.io), but as a project maintainer I’d prefer to keep Github at the center of everything.



Hi @chadokruse! Thanks for the feedback! I’ve passed it on to the appropriate teams within GitHub. I can’t promise that this feature will make it into production, but if it does, it will be documented in the GitHub Changelog.


Also very interested in this feature!

We are starting to use github as a scientific notebook. We want to add specific labels to issues that document various kinds of experiments. Because science is a team sport, only certain people (or certain groups) require notification for specific labels. Otherwise, collaborators will be quickly inundated with notifications and can easily lose track of important experiments.

This is vital for us as we continue to develop workflows using github for open science lab notebooks! :slight_smile:


Huge +1 for this feature. Mondo repositories with multiple projects under the same repository is a nightmare for me ATM. A good example is Azure SDKs repo for .NET with close to 100 clients (https://github.com/Azure/azure-sdk-for-net/) and I’m only interested in a few based on their labels (label per SDK: https://github.com/Azure/azure-sdk-for-net/issues?q=is%3Aissue+is%3Aopen+sort%3Aupdated-desc).

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Here’s an action that allows you to subscribe individuals and teams to specific issue labels: https://github.com/marketplace/actions/issue-label-notifier

It should be a good workaround until the functionality is built into GitHub.

@jenschelkopf this is great, but afraid does not qualify as a workaround. All the repositories I’d need this are not mine and I cannot create workflows or ask to create those and add users. Those are usually repositories managed by teams with tens/hundreds of thousands of users. It’s impossible to add all those and manage their subscription preferences. This really needs to be a GitHub core features each user can manage on their own. Just like issue subscription.

Ah, I see. Yes this action wouldn’t help then.

And +1 on a core GitHub feature!

I created an Azure Web Job in .NET Core so I could follow labels in an extremely active repo, it might be useful to other people:

Bump. This is a much needed feature.

Very much interested in this feature!

Very interested also