Feature request: Sort by recently commented

I don’t know if I failed to find a way but I am urgently missing a function so see my most recently commented/updated tickets. I would expect to be able to achieve this via the “Sort by” functionality in the ticket list:

Does anyone know a way how to achieve this or is this really a feature that’s missing so this feature request should receive attention?

:wave: Welcome!

Are you seeing inconsistencies when you sort by “recently updated” (5th option in the list)?

As you can see in the screeshot there can be several issues without comments and also many issues with my own comments at last:

The function I am looking for is to see the issues with most recent comments from other people first so that I know what issues I need to respond to and work on.
Maybe there’s a filter to show only issues that have been commented and of those only the ones which have been commented by other people at last and sort those by “recently updated”?