[Feature request] Slack real-time alerts: exclude bots


We use “Scheduled reminders” > “Enable real-time alerts” to integrate with Slack and get notified in real-time about new PRs, comments on PRs etc.

We also have some bots installed in our repos that send messages on PRs from CI (code quality analysis etc.)

Feature request

It should be possible to exclude bots from triggering Slack real-time alerts linked to “Someone comments on your PR” setting.


I know I will get those messages on each PR after a few minutes. It’s not useful to get a ping on Slack in that situation. I only want messages when some coworker does a remark on my PR.


I can see it implemented in a few ways:

  • checkbox to exclude all bots from real-time alerts
  • or a field where you can exclude bots/users by name (In our case, the bot is a GitHub App, but some people might have a dedicated GitHub user who in reality is used as a robot)