Feature request: See who is viewing your Pull Request

Hi all,

One feature that I’d love to see (and I’m not sure is available?) is the option to see who is currently looking at your Pull Request. 

We’ve got our workflow down pretty well so that we know who is responding to PRs and how quickly we prioritise them between ourselves. 

However, it would be really useful to see who is currently viewing the page so we don’t have to ask ‘is anyone reviewing my PR?’. 

Interested to hear other peoples thoughts on this. 




Hi @alexyoungs

Thanks for the suggestion! I can definitely see how seeing that someone is reviewing your pull request could be helpful to your workflow. I’ve passed your suggestion on to our product team. While I can’t say if or when this feature might be implemented, you can watch the GitHub Changelog to see if it becomes a feature.


I can see some value in the request but I would actually not want this as in many projects (not all are the same) it would likely either include missing, meaningless, or wrong data leading people to the wrong conclusions. There are very simple solutions with existing constructs rather than implementing a complex analytics system that requires project knowledge to know how to properly interpret and will likely still have some margin of error. Why not just comment or add a label on the pull request to indicate the status as part of your workflow in your org/project? I have seen some projects auto add a label along the lines of Status: Needs Review and can be removed either when someone claims it as a review in progress or after a review is complete. If this does not work for your org/project then IMO it’s better to reach out in your chat tool and ask if someone is reviewing it or not rather than waiting an hour while someone is supposedly reviewing it but in fact are not.  One does not need to be logged in to view a (public) pull request. How do you determine someone actually looking at a pull request verses someone just clicking on a link vs someone leaving a pull request open in a browser tab to remind them to come back to it? If you are referring to when someone is “staging” / batching multiple review comments but then decides not to submit them how do we handle that? What if they leave their staged comments for hours, days, weeks, etc at a time because they forgot, got pulled into a meeting, etc?

Thanks marjormoses, 

You’ve raised some interesting points but as I mentioned in my original post, we already have a good workflow down for prioritising PRs and our comms through Slack and in offline standups are good. 

This was simply a feature that I liked in Atlassian’s Bitbucket to add another layer of quick-glance visibility and a lot of the points you’ve raised seem to over complicate the request.