Feature request: search code for "not archived" repositories

We have thousands of repos across our organization, being able to code search search active, non-archived repos (the recently announced log4j vulnerability is the trigger for me landing here) is a must have.

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Ended here for the very same reason regarding log4j vulnerability!

The search docs mention that you can add this to a search query: archived:false. Seems to work for me.

@timsutton You’re talking about searching for repos/PRs/issues. You can exclude archived repos for those. This thread is about excluding archived repos from code search, which is not possible.

+1, I’d love to see this feature working for code search :see_no_evil:

+1, this would be really helpful

+1, trying to search a large org with a few archived repos gets confusing if I can’t exclude them

+1, this would make many developers’ life easier

+1, this feature is crucial for orgs that have potentially hundreds of archived repos.

Not having this feature wastes a lot of time