Feature request: search code for "not archived" repositories

+1 ASAP - otherwise, we need to delete repos instead of archiving. This is not okay.

I’d love to see this, it’d be very useful for us +1

+1. Adding more characters to post.

+1 – Regularly missing the same feature for checking if deprecated code is no longer used by others.

Still not a feature after almost 2 years

+1 Really GitHub your search is the worst. You can do better than that

+1 I’m surprised this is not the default

Adding this feature would be really appreciated.

+1 for this feature. Would love to see other github advance search features.

+1 for this feature. Adding more characters to post.

+1 for this feature. Need it desperately, as we also have tons of archived repos which we’d like to exclude from full-text search results.

+1 I would like to see this feature as well.

+1 was in need of this feature today, took a lot more time than it should have because of a large amount of search results coming from archived repositories.

+1 - bump & subscribe :smiley:

+1 been suffering this in Github Enterprise for what seems like an eternity. We have the unenviable decision of either deleting a repository and losing auditing capability or having old archived repositories turn up in search results which is very confusing and makes deleting old stuff very hard as you can’t check that all references have been deleted from the code base. Please fix this !

This is an essential feature +1