[Feature Request] Rename "Clone or Download" button

I am getting so sick of end-users not RTFM and using the green “Clone or Download” button instead of the releases page, despite us saying in the Readme not to do so and linking to the Releases page - people simply do not read instructions.  

Could we maybe have an option to rename this button or something? They see the word “Download” and just blindly click it

Can something be done to make it more obvious that this is for developers only?

I’ll pass along the feedback to the development team.

In the meantime, you may want to create a GitHub Pages site for your project that provides a quick and easy way to download the latest release. Then you can direct everyone to that site and have a conspicuous GitHub link for developers to find the repository with. This is what we do with GitHub Desktop and Atom, for example.

I hope that helps!