[Feature request] Re-run only fails action

Lets say I have linux.yml in githaub action with many builds for my opensource project,
Some of them success, and one of them is failed. Currently if I want to re-run the failed ci again without change the code inside my repo (because connection fail, because 3rd party change like vcpkg), I can do it with run linux action again will initiate all linux action inside linux.yml.
I want that you will add another button that will initiate only the failed action.

Thank you!

There are several existing topics about this, see Ability to rerun just a single job in a workflow and the linked topics.

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ok. I missed it. You can mark this as duplicate.
But you have an intention to implement it?
It will reduce you a meaningful power calculation, not to mention power reduction and more green for the world. Hey, but it just me with my green thoughts.

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Welcome to the community, @talregev! I’ve moved your post over to the thread that @Simran-B referenced. For feature or product feedback, feel free to use our form so that Product Teams can track your request(s).