Feature Request: Publish Workflow Status in CCTray-format XML

Much like the SVG badges, just a different XML format.

For clients like CCMenu (macOS), Nevergreen (web), etc.

Seems pretty standard / widely supported.



Thanks for the feedback! I’ve taken your suggestion and passed it along to the appropriate teams. Thanks again for reaching out :grinning:

Thanks, Andrea!

Hello, I’m the author of one of the tools (https://github.com/build-canaries/nevergreen/) that depend on the CCTray format and co-maintainer of the spec.

I’ve made a little Ruby spike so you can see how to map from the GitHub Actions JSON API into the CCTray XML format.

The code is here: https://github.com/joejag/github-cctray

A web service example is also available: https://cryptic-stream-13380.herokuapp.com/build-canaries/nevergreen/nevergreen.yml

I’m happy to help in any way to get CCTray supported. Let me know if there’s anything I can do.


Joe Wright


Hi Andrea,

Do you know if any progress being made on supporting the feed for actions?

Please add CC menu support. Or is there any other way we can monitor builds?