Feature Request: Protected Tags

This is important feature to be implemented for github actions to work on push event with tag nicely otherwise any junior developer if push tag then whole deployment will trigger due to no protection on tag to which users allowed.

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I’d like to chime in and state that my company also needs protected tags. Our desired deployment flow:

  • merge to main branch: deploy to stage environment
  • create tag with the pattern prod/{version}: deploy to prod

My company also uses tags for deployments (CI/CD) in Enterprise and needs protection for tags. As above, a feature similar to branch protection would be perfect (pattern to match, rules applied like who is authorized to create/delete tags)

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+1 on this feature request

This doesn’t cover all the reasons folks need tag protection rules, but it does seem to handle the “only allow certain people to deploy tagged releases” use case that I have.

I’m in the midst of implementing something similar and I think it will cover my needs for the moment. Anyone with write access can push a tag, but only certain people can approve the release workflow (triggered by that tag push) that causes the actual deployment.

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+1 for this very important feature!

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Thanks for sharing - it does look like this is a possible solution to the release protection use case. I will also look into this, however I would still like to see GitHub implement protected tags :slight_smile:

This feature is very important for Github Enterprise users like my company. Things I would like to see with tags -

  1. Tag protection. For my use case I only need that a tag can not be deleted.
  2. Link to build triggered by tag creation. Similar to what we have for PRs.
  3. Tag creation in UI should be an option. I should be able to navigate to one of my branch and create a tag from there.

Please prioritize and support this feature ASAP

Nth’ing this. I would really like to prevent my users from accidentally pushing a tag. If I could make it so that only admins can do so, I’d be very happy and feel much safer.

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Also looking for this functionality. Possibly something that https://github.com/github/roadmap/issues/166 could be co-opted to implement?