Feature-request: per-repo control over quota

When using things like Actions, artifacts and Packages with private repositories the quota is shared throughout the organization. It is possible to see who has used quota via the reporting tool (which gives you a spreadsheet) but there is no ability to set quota on a per-repo basis.

Not having the ability to do this prevents us from committing to use GitHub features. It’s not that we don’t want to pay for them, but with the options for managing quota so poor we are afraid to allow people to use some of these features because it means that one repo could consume all the quota with a mistake and break builds throughout the rest of the company.

We’d be happy if limits could be set per-repo inside the repo settings and via the API. We would put our own automation in front of an API for this.

Hi @j3parker,

Thank you for reaching this out!

Currently the quota is managed per-organization or per-account. According to the policy, it’s recommended to raise the feature-request ticket in below link where is more appropriate, github product manager will take a review and check if there’s any plan or timeline to share.