Feature request: org-level control over platform build-minute limits

It’s really neat that GitHub Actions supports macOS, but at 10x the cost in a repo with 1000s of repos it’s something we want to avoid for now until we have a more robust self-hosted runner set up. We have tension between managing things at the org-level and repo-level.

One thing that could help is if we could set a max number of build-minutes by platform. We’d use this to set a max of 0 for macOS and Windows, and increase the limit on an as-needed basis. When our self-hosted runner setup is smoother we’d possibly set Linux and Windows to 0 and let GitHub host any Mac workflows (e.g. for our mobile apps).

There are a lot of other ways the tension could be resolved, of course.

Thank you for sharing your scenario and requirement. Github actions really care about our customers’ suggestions and requirements. Would you mind sharing your idea in the  Feedback form for GitHub Actions ?