Feature request: option to always hide whitespace changes when viewing diffs

+1 for whitespace ignorance :slight_smile:


I kinda can’t believe this isn’t a feature by now or wasn’t implemented this way in the first place. So simple.


If you have Greasemonkey or Tampermonkey installed, I made a user script that adds the URL parameters to the “Files changed” tab so that Hide whitespace changes  is initially checked when reviewing Pull Requests.



+n (where n is the number of developers in my organization)


The way Mozilla Phabricator’s diff veiw shows this is my favorite implementation of white space diffing.

It shows a green highlighted ‘>>’ or ‘<<’ at the start of lines where indent chnaged to show which dirrection it moved. But the rest of the line is not highlighted. Please implement something like this and make it the default view for all diffs.


Could you give an update or a way to track this? It’s incredibly tedious to not have this.

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Still waiting for this feature…

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+1 for me as well.  Would love to see this feature implemented.

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I’m also one of the hopeful who long for this feature :slight_smile:

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Come on GitHub, add this feature.
For those of us who work with terraform, where the linter reformats huge chunks of code, this is a big win.

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+1 for this feature. It will make pull request reviews a lot more easier.

Ignoring spaces should be the default. +1 on this feature.

+1. How has this not been a thing since day 1? Drives me mildly batty.

This is the #1 most annoying thing about github.


+1. Just duet. So annoying to have to go back and reset the checkbox every time.

+1 :pray: it would be so useful

:heavy_plus_sign::one: :pray:

Desperately need this. I pretty much never care about whitespace differences and it’s so annoying having to hit this toggle every single PR…

+1 please add! having to deselect the checkmark on EVERY PR sucks

+1 - this setting should be sticky