Feature request: Only show the blue bell on *new* notifications

I am subscribed to a few high-volume git repos, so I almost never have zero unread notifications, which means that the bell always has a blue ball and no longer gives me information about new notifications.

What I would like is for the blue ball on the notification bell to be cleared as soon as I visit the notification page instead of when I have marked all notifications as read. Kind of like YouTube and Twitter does on their notification bells.

As it is now, I am forced to either

  1. mark all notifications as read regularly and lose the information on which issues I have actually read
  2. leave the unread notifications unread and never see when new notifications appear unless I manually visit the notifications page
  3. spend all the time required to read all the notifications and only get information about new notifications after I’ve done that
  4. unsubscribe from those high-volume repos and no longer get information about them

I have currently chosen 2, which works apart from the lack of information from the bell icon, but I am not satisfied with that.