Feature Request: more compact display of commits referencing an issue

If you do a lot of force-pushing to github for “backup” purposes (guilty :raised_hand:) you end up completely nuking your issue comment history with pages and pages of commits:

Often times (as in the above example) the patch subject hasn’t even changed, so it’s just the same thing over and over again with different commit hashes. The result is lots of redundant information, copious whitespace, and worn out scroll wheels and page up/down buttons.

Proposed Solutions

Filter orphans

One solution would be to filter out orphaned commits. I.e. if a commit is not reachable by any branch in the repo don’t show it in the feed. Orphaned commits are occasionally useful, of course, so you’d want some kind of “X orphaned commits hidden” and a “Show orphaned commits” checkbox or something.

Collapse adjacent a la comment collapsing

Another solution would be to just collapse adjacent commit rows, similar to the current comment collapsing functionality (“X commits collapsed, click to expand”).

Horizontal display

Or maybe just a more compact, horizontal display.

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Great Idea to keep it clean(er)