Feature Request: invalid workflow file should show as failed or errored in PR / commit checks

I recently introduced an error in a workflow file in a PR but neglected to notice as the PR showed as green and passing all checks (it just hadn’t run the jobs from that workflow).

It would be nice to surface invalid workflow files as a failing PR check so that it it is less likely that they will be missed. Some other CI systems report this an on “error” rather than a “failure” to distinguish them.


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Thank you for your feedback - we appreciate it and will pass it on to the Product team.

For future reference – we really appreciate feedback on how we can make GitHub even better and the best way to report any feature requests is directly to us through our feedback form: https://support.github.com/contact/feedback

Our roadmap is not publicly visible, so we recommend that you keep an eye on the GitHub Blog for the latest announcements about new features.

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