Feature request: Incoming and Outgoing Conflicts

It is sometimes surprising or even annoying that a seemingly innocent PR suddenly gets into a conflict state right before merge, once another PR is merged earlier. Currently there’s no way to know that someone else is working in an overlapping tree.

It would be a huge help if GitHub could tell, ahead of time, that merging a PR would cause conflicts in another, and conversely, merging a particular PR will cause conflicts in the current PR.

So any PR would include two lists:

  • Incoming Conflicts: All PRs that, if merged, would create conflicts in the current PR
  • Outgoing Conflicts: All PRs that would be in a conflict state, once the current PR is merged

If a PR is itself in the conflict state, neither of the above could be shown.

This info could also help for one to decide which PR should go first.

Hi @alrz! :wave: Welcome to the Community!

That sounds like a neat idea!

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