Feature request: have more integration between discussions and issues

Hi there!

My organization uses GitHub to align on all all strategic and internal initiatives. We have been increasingly using discussions (vs. issues) since they have been rolled out because they provide more flexibility on certain topics.

Currently, discussions and issues are not integrated in the same space: I cannot see all the issues and discussions that I have opened or where I have been mentioned in one place, and labels are distinct between the two (i.e. I cannot see discussions and issues that have the same labels in one place). This is super frustrating and leading a lot of people in my organisation to either not use discussions (where it would be more appropriate) or losing a lot of time searching for discussions.

Could we have everything in one space and harmonize labels? In the https://github.com/issues space for instance (screenshot below)

Also, there is a currently a limit in the number of categories we can create for discussions at 10 categories. Could we remove that cap?

Thanks a lot!! Asking because we love GitHub and having this flexibility would make our live a lot easier.