Feature request for READMES: respect `prefers-reduced-motion`

Hi GitHub,

Tom from the Google Chrome Developer Relations team here… We use GitHub a lot, among other things for so-called Explainer documents (see https://youtu.be/GSiUzuB-PoI from about 5:25 on) when we propose new browser APIs.

For some of the Explainers, we use animated GIFs to outline how the UX for a new API could look like. The problem with them is: some people love them, but some people also really hate them. It would thus be great if GitHub respected the prefers-reduced-motion media query, so people who dislike animated GIFs could easily opt out. Ideally, you’d deliver a click-to-play experience to those users.

Thanks for your consideration.



Hey Tom,

Thank you for being here and for taking the time to provide this request, I’ve passed it onto the team to consider. Thanks again for taking the time to suggest this. We’re looking forward to seeing you around!

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Hello @tomayac

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As you’ll notice, your Topic is now in the ‘How to use Git and Github’ board. No action is needed on your part; let me know if you have any other questions or if I can help with anything else.

Greatly appreciated,