Feature Request - even less tedious perma link


currently referencing code in github is a bit tedious: creating-a-permanent-link-to-a-code-snippet
I have to find a file in the directory structure, find the specific line and click on the reference icon to open a menu in order to generate a perma link. It would be great to have an more efficient way.

Most of the time when I am already writing a comment I know already the file and line nr that I want to reference.
I’d like to have a keyboard shortcut, menu or something similar that converts a selected text of the format:


to a actual link to the specified file and line number.
If possible it should actually find the path of the file inside the project structure and the generated link should contain the current sha of the master branch.

Usually I would just build myself a usersctipt for that but I can’t (easilly?) get the current master sha on a specific issue page.

Tell me what you think about this, maybe there is already something similar and I just have not found that feature.

The format of the permalink is:


And if you want the SHA of the current master branch on the GitHub repo, you can do:

git fetch
git rev-parse origin/master

From that, it should be quite easy to piece together what you’re looking for with a script.