Feature Request: Enabling more GitHub Actions workflow triggers in separate branch?

GitHub Pages is setup by using a special branch inside your repository. This enables you to have a gh-pages branch which contains contents unconnected to the default branch.

I have found it useful to have my GitHub Actions workflows on an independent branch to the code. However, in the Events that Trigger Workflows section of the GitHub Actions, most triggers have the following;

Note: This event will only trigger a workflow run if the workflow file is on the default branch.

Would it be possible to extend GitHub so that instead of using the default branch, a branch can be selected? (The default value being the default branch would be a logical idea too.)

How does someone submit a feature request like this to GitHub?


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There’s a feedback form here: Share feedback - GitHub Support

I will say however that in my experience separating CI definitions from code causes trouble rather than avoiding it. :sweat_smile: