feature_request(e-mail): verify e-mail by support request

  1. Summary ¶

It would be nice, if would be possible verify e-mail from unsupported domains by request to GitHub support.

  1. Problem ¶

My earlier e-mail account (kristinita.ru custom domain) deprecated and I want to add coc k.li account, that I use some years.

https://github.com/settings/emails → I see:

E-mails from the coc k.li domain cannot be verified

coc k.li cannot be verified

It would be nice, if non-spammers can use this e-mail domain.

  1. Argumentation ¶ 3.1. Domain usage ¶

I understand, that some users can use domain for spamming, but non-spammers shouldn’t suffer from this.

Spammers may exists for any domain with free registration; but non-spammers also use it. I sure that coc k.li have many non-spammers from [176000 users](https://coc k.li/).

3.2. Destination ¶

I use e-mail address, that get GitHub notifications — replies to my issues, pull requests and so on. Why I can’t use e-mail address, if I only get e-mails to selected domain, not send from it?

  1. About coc k.li ¶

  2. coc k.li is not disposable email address

  3. It [open source](https://gitgud.io/vc/coc k.li)

  4. [Terms of service](https://coc k.li/tos), [Privacy Policy](https://coc k.li/privacy), [Transparency](https://coc k.li/) — coc k.li block spammers

  5. mail-tester show, that coc k.li not blacklisted:

  6. About me ¶

  7. Account — GitHub member since February 2016, I never send spam

  8. Activity

Please allow me to receive notifications from GitHub to coc k.li.

  1. Do not offer ¶

  2. Please, do not offer, that I shouldn’t use coc k.li.

  3. Please, don’t close this issue, without answering on the merits as for related issue.


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Hi @kristinita,

Thanks for reaching out! Unfortunately, there are no further updates on this topic other than those mentioned in the previous post but please know I will pass along your feedback to our team.

As mentioned in a previous post, we no longer allow email addresses at the coc k.li domain to be verified, as we’ve found these addresses to often be associated with accounts generating spam. While folks can still associate these emails with their accounts, they won’t be able to create content without first verifying an email address at another domain.



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