Feature request: Create similar issue


Our team has been using GH for issue management for a while now and one thing that always takes some unnecessary time is labeling/milestones/projects.

When you create a batch of issues, for example, you have to re-select everything for every issue. A button to create a “similar” issue (naming could probably use some work) that already added the same labels, projects and milestones would be a huge time saver and likely a very simple feature to add.

Hi @draiken,

Thanks for being here! Although is not exactly what you are asking for, you might find issue templates useful.

I hope this helps!

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I had never used that! Thanks for the tip.

It’ll at least help with labeling.


Slightly unrelated I guess, but here it goes.

I found this page and it mentions milestones and projects. Neither is available on issue templates.


Couldn’t find documentation regarding those. Are they not supported or are they hidden features?

Hey @draiken,

Thanks for reaching out! You are correct, you could try and create an ISSUE_TEMPLATE/ subdirectory in any of the supported folders to contain multiple issue templates and use the template query parameter to specify the template that will fill the issuing body. For more information, see “About automation for issues and pull requests with query parameters.”