Feature Request: Compound Queries

Hey, great work on this… I believe I’ve found my new favorite toy…

I do have a couple of suggestions, though.

  • Fundamentally, I think it’s intuitive to think, when reviewing a PR, queries should by default target the PR… for example /<file> should open the file not in master but the PR branch
  • Compound queries: #<PR> /<file> should open the specified file in the specified PR
  • And finally, when you use the (right arrow key) to complete (sometimes mistakenly), if it’s immediately followed by a (left arrow key), it should restore the original query.
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@miraclx this is all great, keep the feedback coming!

  • We’re working on multi-step commands that would more elegantly support the first two bullets. Right now we by default only show files in the master branch, but we have this in our backlog to refine once multi-step commands are available.
  • I’ll share your feedback in the third bullet with our design team!
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