Feature Request: Commit github repo general settings as a file in repo

Is there any way to commit github settings in .github folder?
(Like website link, description, topics, etc)

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Hi @parsampsh :wave:

What would these settings do exactly? What would your expectations be for such a feature?

Actually, I means that when we are editing our repo settings(description, website link,…) github commit them as a file to our git repo. for example .github/settings. also when we push that repo to another repo on github, settings will be restored from that file. This makes repo settings portable.

I wanted to suggest using a Repository Template, however those do not save the description information from the template.

I am curious as to the what the use case would be for such an implementation. Repositories generally have unique descriptions and website links. Could you give more input as to why you’d want to save this information?

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