(Feature Request) Command Palette: Reviewers, Assignees, Labels, and Milestones

Would be really nice to support adding/removing pull request reviewers and assignees by quickly searching and tab-completing GitHub usernames.

In addition, in a repository with many labels, finding and adding the right labels can be cumbersome in the tiny scrollable zone, and would be really awesome to do with the command palette; as would milestones.

Love this new feature, it is a game-changer and I really hope to see more web apps adopt this kind of system for quick navigation in increasingly complex software.


Excited to hear you’re loving the command palette @mmiller42!

For this initial beta release we prioritized supporting single step commands. We decided the single step user experience for editing issues/PR metadata of just opening the respective UI dropdowns with cursor focus wasn’t really that great so we made the decision to not include them in scope.

The good news however is that we are already working internally on supporting multi-step commands. This would allow you to seamlessly add/edit all of that metadata within multiple command palette states - again without lifting your hands from the keyboard! Coming soon :sunglasses: