Feature Request: Clearing, Reviewing and Pausing search history

Been using GitHub for over 5 years. Only a few years ago (I presume around late 2018) did GitHub start recording users’ activity.

I grew quite concerned about the repos I’ve been searching lately. Some of those contained links to dangerous sites or archives/samples of malware or PUPs, whether password-protected or not, and all of them I accidentally viewed, but nevertheless, GitHub captured it. And I was annoyed over these search results popping up all the time even though I never wanted to search them anymore.

The old way had me going into GitHub Support and personally requesting a cleanup of that data. I’m not sure if they replied, but I think this was very inconvenient for me and I had no choice but to live with what I did; I’ve looked everywhere and there was no such option on GitHub.

Google, for example has an option to review, and even pause and clear their activity/search history. Here’s a potential example below.

Source: Android Central

If we want to keep users sane and assure themselves they didn’t mean to search something, or perhaps remove every vestige of account breaches or other malicious activity, then this feature should exist (I’m sorry if I sounded mean).

Thank you so, so much for understanding.