Feature Request : Basic project architecture and code should be created right from github..

When I start new project and create the repository I can create the basic intial project right from GitHub.

Like If I want to start Java project than while creating repository there will be an option to choose project language and Framework or anything to start new intial project.

Suppose I can create basic Angular, Maven, Spring Boot or Django project from github and the repository should be automatically add it in the very first commit wih readme and other file. So after creating repo online I just need to clone the repo and start the development.

The Advance verion of above feature:

I can create my own starter project template with customization and then can create new project based on this template just by adding projet name and package name as per project and new project repo will be created. 

This feature can solve lots of time of developers who start the new project. Beacause whenever I start  new java project using my starter project I have to change the name of project and packages. This is the very tedious task. So feature like this can be helpful.

Developer can also share thier templates and other can create thier own verion based on them.

I thinks this service can bring revolution in how we start the programming projects.

Similar Service: Jhipster and Spring Initializer. Jhipster have similar feature and we can create new project repo directly from their site.

how to do new project and sir will give me a some tips.please