Feature request: auto raise certain issue

repo admin should set special flag “auto raise” to certain issue
thus if anyone reply to the issue, it will be raised to the first place

Good day.

In my understanding, what you are referring to is GitHub Issues that when someone will create an issue, or will comment to an issue, there will be a pop-out of similar issues or context? Much like the one we have here in Support Community that when you are creating a certain topic, there will be a pop-out of similar topics.

Also, this GitHub Support Community is in 10-Day Cleanup,

you may want to check it out too,

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absolutely no.

I mean issues should be forum-like. If someone reply in old thread(issue), it should be raised to the first page and first row, of course if admin set special flag to the issue

You can choose how you browse issues, just add ?q=is%3Aissue+is%3Aopen+sort%3Aupdated-desc, as in this link:

But it sounds like you’re trying to say you want to allow owners to flag certain issues to jump out, and not just all issues.

I suspect you want:

n.b. I don’t have a production deployment of automation.

Alternatively, you might just enable discussions for your repository: