【feature request】Asynchronous job status update


I have a workflow.yml, there are some job is handled by third party server

these jobs will take some time to complete, I don’t want my runner polling api to check if the job is complete. because during this time, my runner is wasted and cannot be used to run other workflows


after my runner runs this job, do not mark the job as completed, and wait for the third party to update the job status by github api

Hello - and thank you for this feedback!

Please submit your feedback via the new GitHub Feedback Discussions forum so that our product team can better track your request :slight_smile:. It’s a new thing, but we’re trying to push all product feedback to the same new area so it’s easier to find and consolidate user feedback!

ok, move to 【feature request】Asynchronous job status update · Discussion #19120 · github-community/community · GitHub