Feature request: allow the user to download a single file


I just need to download or to copy this file - firefox-csshacks/multi-row_tabs.css at 4171cf033218f0f1c9b609044a5a3c8ec8d19844 · MrOtherGuy/firefox-csshacks · GitHub

I can’t find any option to download the file, nor to copy the text to the clipboard. The only options I have is to:

  • download and open the entire project in GitHub desktop
  • fork the project then edit the file
  • download the entire project then search the file in the zip archive
  • trying to correctly select all the text and push Ctrl+C.

Why not to add a button like “Copy text to clipboard” or “Download file” ?

I think GitHub is absolutely fantastic, however I think it should be more friendly to non-developer users who need very basic functions.

You can open raw files and then you can copy all the content easily (Ctrl +a, then Ctrl + c).
Downloading a single file might be useful for some users, but it’s not the intended usage of git or GitHub.

The feature exists in the form of raw, it’s generally available from most file views, and corresponds to a fairly logical url. It does seem it would be helpful if it were documented: