Feature Request: Allow batch suggestions acceptance

This is my first feature request, so if it is misclassified, feel free to steer it on the right path.

When reviewing a pull request, I have the option of using the suggestion feature, a +/- icon that quotes a line of code/text between two sets of three backticks, the first followed by a “suggestion” declaration. This handy feature permits merging of the change in a commit mediated by GitHub.

This feature is well thought-out for a developer/engineer user, but is problematic for technical writers. Rather than changing single lines or even several lines, documentation editing flows may involve dozens of seemingly trivial changes (typos, misplaced capitals, punctuation errors) in a single PR. Using the suggestion feature as currently implemented enshrines each of these minor changes in its own commit, which makes the Git log unwieldy. Our choice is to live with all these indistinguishable commits in the log/history, squash them manually, or simply not use the suggestion feature.

My team would like the ability to click “Accept” for each accepted change and for there to be a single “Merge all accepted changes” option. This would merge all changes suggested by an editor and accepted by an author in a single commit, with one commit message, and requiring no retroactive squash. I do not believe there is a need for a “Reject” option. Such issues could be resolved as they are today.

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It’s not misclassified as far as the forum goes, but for a feature request it’s recommended to use the feedback from because that’s how the product team tracks requests: Share feedback - GitHub Support

Anyway, grouping purely editorial changes makes sense to me.