Feature Request: Adding REST API Option that strips URL

If we have one-shot large request which doesn’t use additional urls (i.e. fetching 100 PRs at once and pass them to aggregate function which isn’t interested fork_url, html_url, and so far), we’re not gonna use them.
There’s benefit to implement this; both we and you won’t be flooded. For example, invoking curl https://api.github.com/repos/lampepfl/dotty/pulls?state=closed&per_page=100 will get 581kB response at current point. However, the size will be around 180kB if I delete regions matching +"[^"]*_?url": "[^"]*",?


I love this idea!

If you could please, submit this via our feedback form:

…that way it goes directly to our PM teams for review and consideration.

Thank you for suggesting this!

Sure, I’ve just submited it.

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