Feature Request: Ability to create issues in Projects without linked repo access

I am trying out organization account for my new startup. I love the Organization level Projects and I am happy to be able to disable repo level projects. What I don’t like is that to create issues, I still need to give access to the repo itself. This defeats the purpose of Projects views at an organizational level. I do understand that we can link multiple repos to a project but I don’t see much use for that in my startup.

I request you to consider the ability to create issues and manage issue templates at Organization level Projects instead of repo level.

Thanks for reaching out.

We recently shipped the ability to manage issue and PR templates, among other things, at the organization level. You could also then use the .github repo as the “organization-wide” issues database, if you like. Or you could create a repo specifically for those.

Does that help?

That is not what I am looking for. I want some of my users to be able to create issues on Org level projects without access to the linked repo itself. Right now Issues are at repo level so, in order to create issues, I need to give those users access to the repo which exposes our code. I also don’t want to create issue only repo. 

I’ll take the suggestion to the team that handles those features. I can’t promise anything or give an ETA but I’ll ensure the right people hear your suggestion.

Thanks for reaching out!

Thank you. I appreciate you considering it. If possible, post back on updates on this thread.