Feature mapping between GitHub and Jira during issue import


In order to be able to keep an overview of the priorities of our issues over different repositories and organizations, we want to use Jira. I export the issues to JSON using httpie and convert them to csv using an online tool. When I import the csv issue file, I’m asked to map the fields of the GitHub issues to the fields of Jira. There are many fields that need a mapping, and I find it hard to foresee what a good strategy would be. Now I have two questions:

1 ) I was wondering if somebody has an overview of a useful feature mapping from the GitHub feature names to the Jira feature names. 

2 ) Several people have shared their code to export the issues from GitHub. What are your experiences with any of the packages that are available? 

Thanks in advance for any thoughts on the subject,


Have you solved the markdown issue? When you import the issues using the csv, the descriptions you used markdown in Github will look like a mess in Jira…

Not yet, I’m surprised that there aren’t more topics on the forum about the feature mapping. I really wonder… How do other people import the issues from GitHub to Jira? Is there an other way than by the csv file import?